Power Socket for Alpicool Fridge

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  • Power plug for Alpicool car fridge.
  • The power plug of the Alpicool car fridge features a customized design that perfectly fits the designated power input on the refrigerator. It is specifically engineered to provide a secure and reliable connection, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for the fridge. This tailored power plug is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for easy and hassle-free installation and removal. With its precise fit and robust construction, it guarantees a stable and efficient power transmission, enabling optimal performance of the Alpicool car fridge.
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Power Socket for Alpicool Fridge

C9/C12/C15/C20 / Please send us a picture the Power Socket of your refrigerator.
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Customer Reviews

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Hugh Brown

Not a review of the product but of the customer service. We had trouble identifying the power socket for my 5 year old C20 fridge/freezer. Turns out the only one available was for the current products. But that was sent promptly and Carmen included a link to a vid showing how to remove and replace the socket. Being handy with tools and a life long "fixer of broken things", I repaired and reinstalled my broken socket which should get me back home. Once there, or when the temporary repair fails, I'll modify the opening to make the current socket fit and modify the wire connections to fit the wider blades. Then I expect the fridge will last at least another 5 years. Probably more.