Best Lil Fridge for Boondocking in Van or Camper: Alpicool C20

My latest issue while traveling was keeping my groceries fresh. My initial cooler was grossly inadequate for my needs causing many problems, but a previously unknown brand changed everything. This video compares two types of cooling units, plus what a couple of other boondockers use to keep their food cold.

Alpicool T50 12 Volt Refrigerator - Is It Worth It?

We bought the Alpicool T50 12 volt compressor refrigerator and put it through the test of a month long, bumpy road trip. Did this fridge work out ok? Is it noisy? Does it run the battery down? Work on solar power? Is it any good or is it a piece of junk? If you're thinking about getting one for your RV then you should check out what we have to say about it.

Alpicool review after 1.5 years of use!

Loved this little fridge! It worked very well in my vehicle and also when in a vacation cabin plugged into an outlet. Kept the temperature regulated well and I love the digital readout to let you know exactly what the temperature was at a glance.

The best little off-grid fridge for boondocking! The Alpicool C20

We give an update on our recent adventures as well as a review of the Alpicool C20 refrigerator.

Alpicool T-50 Portable Refrigerator

I review my new Alpicool T-50 Portable 12 Volt / 120 Volt Refrigerator/Freezer plus I found a hidden secret!

Alpicool fridges, real world results

In this video I share my real world results with my two alpicool fridges.

2 Year Review of my Cheap Portable 12v Car Fridge (Alpicool CF55 & CF45-LG) Long Term Test!

Has the Alpicool refrigerator stood the test of 2 years of constant use? Here's a long term review of both frigs from 4 different opinions.