Alpicool TW35 Portable Dual Zone Car Fridge

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  • STORAGE SPACE:Exterior Size 25.47”x15.75”x17.36”, 40 Quart(37.5 Liter) capacity ,fits 36x 12ozs cans of Cola.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY COOLING SYSTEM: Cooling reach to -4℉(-20℃),low noise while running.LCD panel with precise temperature control,Max and ECO Cooling Modes are optional.
  • FEATURES DESIGN:Equipped with inner LED light for illumination,drain plug for easy cleaning.Different foods can be palced in storage baskets separately.With Durable handles,for easy moving.
  • DUAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Both compartments can be adjusted as a refrigerator and a freezer independently,or used in combination.
  • CAR BATTERY PROTECTION:With temperature memory function and 3 different levels for battery protection: Low, Med and High to protect your vehicle battery without run down.
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Alpicool TW35 Portable Dual Zone Car Fridge

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TW Series Fridge

Alpicool TW series portable fridge/cooler with various models is the most impressive cooler. High performance compressor with dual-zone compartments powered produces impressive cooling/freezing experience, allowing you enjoy fresh food and cold drink in the road trip.

The TWW series' rugged construction is suitable for outdoor. Detachable batterv lasts for 4-24 hours without power supply (Battery need to be purchased separately). Enjoy convenience with our app adjusting temp and other setting at your fingertips. Go outdoor, enjoy beautiful and make happiness.





Total Capacity

37.5L / 40Quarts

45.6L / 48Quarts

54.2L / 57Quarts

Main Zone

27.5L / 29Quarts

31.6L / 33Quarts

36.3L / 38Quarts


10L / 11Quarts

14L / 15Quarts

17.9L / 19Quarts

Fridge Dimensions

647*400*441 mm;

25.47*15.75*17.36 inch

647*400*506 mm;

25.47*15.75*19.92 inch

647*400*571 mm;

25.47*15.75*22.48 inch

Rated Power Input




Temperature Range




Power Supply

12V/24V DC;

100~240V AC

12V/24V DC;

100~240V AC

12V/24V DC;

100~240V AC

Rated Current

DC 5.0A/2.5A;

AC 1.2A-0.5A

DC 5.0A/2.5A;

AC 1.2A-0.5A

DC 5.0A/2.5A;

AC 1.2A-0.5A

dB rating

< 45dB

< 45dB

< 45dB

Net Weight




Gross Weight




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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazon Customer

Twice in the two years that I’ve owned it it’s done a weird thing where despite settings from the app and settings on the fridge it plunges into super cold mode freezing everything. You just need to unplug for 24 hours.Pretty frustrating until I figured out how to fix it. The seal for keeping the cold in could be vastly improved. All that being said, it’s a pretty great fridge for the size and price and versatility. If they could make this with yeti style gaskets, seal, and cover it would be incredible.

Xephyr Xruxible

I love this thing! That being said... First thing first. HOLD the power button down for 3 seconds to cycle power. Could use a sticker on the new product display explaining this.This is my first time using something like this so keep that in mind. Been using this fridge for 4 months (in 4 days). Here are the highlights of my experience. It's not as loud as reviews make it seem. It heavily depends on proximity, ambient sound, and environment (soft surfaces absorb sound while hard surfaces reflect (DON'T EVER COVER THE VENTS!), even amplify/focus sound). It's as quiet as modern upright fridges. Didn't expect Bluetooth function! AND it has an app that gives sooo much control while also being easy to use. Although it could use a card with a QR to link to the app. It could also use labels inside each compartment to identify which one is right/left since the display is on the side. The letters R inside one compartment and L inside the other would suffice. I used a pen. It uses half the power I expected. Using a KillaWatt power strip I clocked it at an average of about 35 watts while on. THAT'S IT! No matter what power setting you use. Not sure what that even does as I haven't observed a difference. I would like the jacket to be linked to the item somehow to make it easy to find. My home isn't air conditioned. At 110°F/43°C inside during mid summer, it struggles. Also, if you use either side to store ice, leave the cage out. The paint is just that. Paint! Should be a baked on coloring or how about stainless steel! Yea baby. Get a steel plate for the bottom as you may be breaking ice inside it eventually. Display says 29°F but the ice is wet. Ice freezes/melts at 32°F so...That sums up the important stuff. Enjoy!

David Bryan

Keeps the small compartment frozen when set to -4 and the fridge compartment at fridge temperatures. Set the large compartment to 38, and it works great so far.

Attila G.

I've had a slightly smaller fridge in my trunk for about 3 years now, running day and night, all year around. It was around $250, off-brand I took a chance on, and surprisingly it's still running strong. My point is, I'd have to listen to it to see if it's running or not.Well, with this Alpicool TW35, I definitely know when its compressor running or not. I have the large compartment set to 38F, and the smaller one set to 10F. It turns on and off periodically to maintain those temperatures, but again, it's definitely noticable when it's on or off.I'll leave it running for a week, and post an average power consumption from those 6-7 days. The 1.6kwh seems very high to me. I guess they just multiplied the maximum 60w power draw by 24 hours, but that's not how it works, unless it's running constantly. I've put beer in the fridge side and some meet in the freezer side. Check back for an update....Update:I like this fridge more and more every day. The average power consumption is around 350w in 24 hours. One side set to 38F, the other set to 10F.Great fridge overall, very efficient!


If you have any issue with an Alpicool product the best way to reach out is directly through Amazon, as I recently learned. The latch on my fridge came apart (the little knurled pin in the picture is held in with hopes and dreams) but by peeling up the seal on the lid I found how the latch assembly is secured to the lid (4 philips head screws) and fixed it using one of the screws from the latch itself (temporary fix until I can get some appropriately sized drill rod and turn it down into custom pins that wont be able to back out because they'll be pinched between the latch assembly and the lid so they'll have no where to go thanks to a tapered end that only lets them slide in from the outer edges. Alpicool said they're sending me a replacement door assembly anyway since mine was damaged but I think I could get by with this fix for a while. If you find yourself in the same bind, give this temporary fix a try. If yours is working fine and you don't want to custom make pins for yours I suggest removing the latch assembly and gluing the knurled side of the pin into the latch assembly to help prevent it from walking out of position in the first place. Hope this helps someone. I thought for sure I was going to have to throw away this entire unit and the battery I bought for it as well. I'm glad Alpicool responded and made their product so simple too.