Alpicool TWW45 Portable Dual Zone Car Fridge With Wheels

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  •  STORAGE SPACE:Exterior Size 27.99”x18.11”x19.92, 48 Quart(45.6 Liter) capacity ,fits 46 x 12ozs cans of Cola.
  • FEATURES DESIGN:Equipped with inner LED light for illumination,drain plug for easy cleaning.Different foods can be palced in storage baskets separately.Durable handle,wheels and draw bar can be moving easily.
  • DUAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Both compartments can be adjusted as a refrigerator and a freezer independently,or used in combination.
  • CAR BATTERY PROTECTION:With temperature memory function and 3 different levels for battery protection: Low, Med and High to protect your vehicle battery without running down.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY COOLING SYSTEM: Cooling reach to -4℉(20℃),low noise while running.LCD panel with precise temperature control,Max and ECO Cooling Modes are optional.
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TWW Series Fridge Freezer

Alpicool TWW series portable fridge/cooler with various models is the most impressive cooler. High performance compressor with dual-zone compartments powered produces impressive cooling/freezing experience, allowing you enjoy fresh food and cold drink in the road trip.

The TWW series' rugged constructionis suitable for outdoor. Detachable battery lasts for 4-24 hours without power supply (Battery need to be purchased separately). Enjoy convenience with our app adjusting temp and other setting at your fingertips. Go outdoor, enjoy beautiful, and make happiness.





Total Capacity

37.5L / 40Quarts

45.6L / 48Quarts

54.2L / 57Quarts

Main Zone

27.5L / 29Quarts

31.6L / 33Quarts

36.3L / 38Quarts


10L / 11Quarts

14L / 15Quarts

17.9L / 19Quarts

Fridge Dimensions

711*460*441 mm;

27.99*18.11*17.36 inch

711*460*506 mm;


711*460*571 mm;

27.99*18.11*22.48 inch

Rated Power Input




Temperature Range




Power Supply

12V/24V DC;

100~240V AC

12V/24V DC;

100~240V AC

12V/24V DC;

100~240V AC

Rated Current

DC 6.0A/3.0A;

AC 1.5A-0.7A

DC 6.0A/3.0A;

AC 1.5A-0.7A

DC 6.0A/3.0A;

AC 1.5A-0.7A

dB rating

< 45dB

< 45dB

< 45dB

Net Weight




Gross Weight




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Customer Reviews

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D Benes

It just works! I originally purchased for keeping snacks and drinks cold for our harvest crew. It was a real treat for them when they found the ice cream bars in the freezer. I've also used it for camping and day trips to the lake, bringing home groceries, and right now it is my garage fridge. I've probably saved enough money on not having to buy ice that I'm already money ahead.

It does run the compressor A LOT. Black is not the ideal color for a cooler. It could be insulated better. If you're using it outdoors you have to keep it in the shade or it will not keep up cooling. It doesn't maintain temperature perfectly, but it always keeps my drinks cold and food frozen.

The battery protection must be set to "high" to ensure you'll be able to start your vehicle. On a typical car with one battery you're good for 12 to 24 hours of runtime. It's a shame they don't sell the optional internal battery here. I was able to find them on the bay auction site for about 80usd. I have not had an opportunity to test it yet on the battery. I have ran it on a jump box with a similar rated battery and in the summer heat outdoors it lasts about 3 hours.

If you are frequently going to use it in dual temp mode, I'd recommend spending the extra money on the TAW dual-lid version. Plus it's not all black so it should stay cooler in the sun.

The telescoping handle and large wheels make it very easy to move around. It is pretty heavy. I wouldn't want to carry it very far if there is much in it.


I had a different one for almost 2 years before it broke. I bought this one, the 45 quart size with 2 compartments, as a replacement. When I received it, the handle had been broken off during shipping. That actually turned out to be a good thing. Although it makes lugging it around more difficult, the freezer stays on my passenger seat almost all the time, so seldom need to lug it anywhere. Reason it turned out fortunate that the handle broke off is that it made it much easier to attach a wall hanging file folder holder thingy I use to store sunglasses, paperwork, pens and the other misc things that are helpful to keep within easy reach from my drivers seat. Without the handle in the way, it just works easier to use.As for use, I've had it about 4 months now. It stays on all the time and hasn't glitches on me yet. I also like the Bluetooth capability and app for me phone. I run it off the 120 volt adapter that came with it plugged into my power inverter. The 12 volt outlets I have available, don't seem to provide the necessary amperage for continuous operation, at least it was that way with my other one. So, did the same set up with this one, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Although I use both compartments as freezer storage, I like the separate compartments that give the flexibility to use one as a cooler instead should I need that set up.Lastly, as an OTR truck driver, the single biggest improvement to things was purchasing a freezer for my truck. I stock up on frozen dinners, ice cream, etc. Gives me much more independence where I don't have to rely on what food a truck stop has available.So far, I have no complaints. It had been on continously for about 3 months now. Worked well, no glitches and serves it purpose as wanted and needed.

Tod Beachs

So I bought this cause I wanted two different zones for my needs. This thing seems well built. I liked everything about it except it ran all the time. I messed around with it for a week. Moved it to different places in my boat. Adjusted temps up down etc. Bottom line it just kept running. My last test I set both sides to 25. It seemed to do best when set to same temp. Once temp reached 25 on both sides it did not run for 10 min. One side reached 29 and kicked it on. The other side was at 28 at this point. Now the 29 side took 10 min to reach 23 degrees and now the other side was at 31. Took another 10 min to get this side to 25 before it shut off. Mind you the 23 side is already up to 28 meaning when it reaches 29 it will kick back on again. It averages 50 to 55 watts in eco mode while doing this test. Did better in Max mode but used 70 to 75 watts but ran less time. Either way it is not efficient at all. I was looking at the one from bodega which is exactly the same but different color and more money. They were back ordered so I took a chance on this one. For me I get all my power from the sun. So I can't have something that runs constantly. Not sure the bodega one would be any different.


I received this freezer, Display Panel looks OK but Compressor Not running also I see on Manual Not a new and freezer looks someone repaired before selling to me like return item .I Open Compressor Side Plastic cover and found One wire Disconnected from Some Switch So, I put back to wire and running Good now.Also Alpicool shipping Package Box really poor al of Damage Packing BOX !

Keith Eldridge

I'm on the road alot and this cooler lets me control my diet. I use it when I go camping too.